For Your Foreign Independent Travel

  Where you require additional and special services, we also act as agents and brokers and offer you the choice of three methods:
If we can't
take you there,
chances are
nobody else can!

1. The best plan, we think, is an all-inclusive one where we make your transportation reservations throughout and provide round trip tickets with a complete, detailed itinerary. We then ask our representatives or correspondents in each country to make desired hotel reservations, meet and transfer you on arrival and departure, and provide sightseeing as we have outlined. You then pay us for your entire trip in advance, and we provide you with exchange vouchers and coupons. By this method you have the advantage of knowing that your entire trip is care fully planned and scheduled. You also know what it will cost before you start, and we are able to give you the best possible professional advice in order to make your trip the most carefree, comfortable, and richest travel experience feasible within your time and budget limitations.

2. The second method is to provide transportation, an itinerary which may include suggested routing or sightseeing, and reservations only for various services such as hotels and selfdrive cars. These services for which reservations only are made will not be pre-paid and a deposit will usually be required to hold each firm reservation. A planning and consultation charge may be added on the basis of time and cost involved.

3.The third method includes only basic transportation and a schedule of arrivals and departures. There is no charge for this service.

In all cases except the third, we request a deposit prior to preparing a detailed suggested itinerary. This deposit enables us to give you our best interest and effort and demonstrates your confidence in us and your intent to travel. We will do our utmost in planning your trip to suit your particular needs and desires. The deposit will be credited to your final invoice. In case of cancellation, the deposit will be refunded less time and cost involved.


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