About Our Tour Managers




Herbert Goebels

Our tours are successful for many reasons, the dedication of our staff, reliable overseas ground operators and especially our Sr. Tour Director, Mr. Herbert Goebels, who has visited more than 300 countries. He has escorted tours since the early '70s and is well liked by our repeate clientele.

Rolf Hildebrand
Rolf Hildebrand is a world traveler, having visited over 250 countries. Born and raised in Europe, Rolf is also a member of the Travelers' Century Club. Fluent in 7 languages, Rolf prefers to tour to Asia, the Pacific, and South America.

Gunther Settele
Gunther Settele has been in the travel business all of his life. First starting with Pan American in New York Headquarters in various positions from Sales Representative and Reservations Manager Agency Sales. He also spent many years with Amtrak building the first computerized Reservations Center in the West Coast and as District Sales Manager.

During his time with Pan American he traveled throughout the world visiting Asia, South America, Europe, and North Africa. Later he had the opportunity to see and visit most of the United States missing only 8 States in the USA.

Now retired from Amtrak since 1994 he escorted tours with UTS to Central Asia, Cuba and has escorted groups as large as 104 participants to New Zealand. The challenge of such a large group is not something he now would look forward in doing alone anymore.

Gunther was born in Germany and moved to Canada in 1958 and came to the USA in 1962. He has served in the US Army in 1963 -64 stationed in Germany as a Ski patrol leader. His assignments included working with city officials settling claims against the US for damages done to properties during military exercises, and was attached to the 8th Infantry military band in Bad Kreuznach Germany. He is fluent in German and does have some knowledge in French and Spanish.

Gunther looks forward to meet you soon on one of our tours.


Petra Dorris
Petra Dorris is European born and fluent in German, French and English. She has worked in various capacities for Air France and UTA French Airlines in sales, reservations and ticket office. She fell in love with French Polynesia many years ago and spends much of her leisure time in these beautiful islands. She has traveled extensively through the South Pacific and the islands are her second home. Her friends have affectionately named her TAHITIAN PRINCESS. Petra recently escorted a tour to West Africa for UTS.

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